Quick Tip: New Sales Navigator Features

1. New Features

More new features? You better believe it. 

At LinkedIn's Talent Connect Conference in October 2015, LinkedIn's CEO mentioned they were going to roll out more changes over the next 12 months than they have in the past 12 years. 

Over here at Intero, we are constantly looking forward to the next new feature as we love to see how LinkedIn is changing, improving, and ultimately making our lives and the LinkedIn experience better. 

If you have Sales Navigator, you may have noticed a new look. It seems that simplistic appearance is the direction LinkedIn is headed. Not only does Sales Navigator have a new look, it has new features to help you maximize your time and efforts. Let's take a look, shall we?

2. Sales Spotlights

Sales Spotlights will help you easily discover the prospects who are more likely to engage with you. These will help you leverage LinkedIn data to segment your search results, like Recent Job Changes. 

3. Sales Filters

On the left, are the top-used filters. You can always click "View All" at the bottom to see the full list of 20+ Advanced Search filters. 

4. Search within my Accounts

Search exclusively for people that work at your saved accounts. 

5. Profile Summary for Sales

Sales Navigator's new profile summary allows you to quickly determine if a prospect is relevant by showing you their current company, position, tenure, and location. 

Related leads is great for viewing similar prospects. 

Here's to new features maximizing your time and efforts.